My Mavic Pro 2 is always changing colors, it’s kinda like a chameleon these days. Thanks to Wrapgrade, I have been able to test the seasonal color - Ruby and the accent color Orange so far. I usually wrap my Mavics white because I like the clean look and can easily pick mine out of the bunch at a meet. Since my Mavic has a white base, both accent colors looked great on the bird.

Wrapgrade Provides Excellent Instructions

Sometimes adding the wraps can be confusing and some people get frustrated when the wrap doesn’t go on flawlessly. The good news is, Wrapgrade provides excellent instructions that are so detailed each fold is outlined. Alignment and folding points are given in addition to a numbered guide. Remember to always follow the directions when applying a wrap.

A few tips to help with your wrap application

  1. always take care to remove any dirt and debris from the drone

  2. wash your hands to degrease your fingers (sometimes I will wear non latex gloves)

  3. do not stretch the stickers, this will decrease the strength of the adhesive

  4. follow the directions in order

Wrapgrade Drone Wraps Withstands the Elements

I had one wrap on my MP1 which came from Wrapgrade over two years ago. The drone was flown in the rain, ice, and snow with no issues (knock on wood lol). Having the wrap added an additional layer of protection from the elements and also allowed me to have a white Mavic before DJI released the Alpine White Mavic 1. I actually like the glossy look of my skin more than DJI’s dyed plastic but I am still envious of those white props. Picture of this MP1 is below.

baltimore aerials mavic pro 2 wrapgrade accents

I have yet to fly the MP2 in any precipitation, but I feel the time will be here soon. Ideally, you never want to fly in anything but clear weather for a few reasons such as decreased visibility, water and electronics don’t mix well and less battery life. For more information about flying drones in the cold or rain, check out this article. However, emergencies do come up and a sending a drone is far less risky than subjecting human life to harm.

Just like the full wrap kit, the accent colors wrap is fantastic. I’d recommend to any drone enthusiast as a way to customize and protect your drone.