iFlight CineBee 75HD 2S-3S Whoop Review

So far this 75mm brushless cinewhoop style quad has been awesome to fly around. While the 2s 300mah batteries I am using don’t provide that much flight time, the camera makes up for it. Plus, I need to upgrade to the 2s 450 mah batteries anyways. We’ll get more into the batteries later. Overall, iFlight has done an excellent job for a sub $200 BNF brushless mini quad.

CineBee 75HD Footage Example

iFLight has used the Caddx.us Turtle v2 HD FPV cam which shoots 1080p video at 60 FPS. The onboard DVR footage is pretty impressive. Here is an example:

Top Camera Specs:

  • 1/2.7” CMOS Sensor

  • Resolution outputs

    • 1080P @ 60FPS

    • 1080P @ 30FPS

    • 720P @ 60FPS

  • 1.8mm Turbo Eye Lens

  • Audio support

  • 12 grams

Flight Performance of iFlight’s CinebBee 75HD

I purchased Tattu’s 300mah 45C batteries for the CineBee and so far, I like the results. I will be upgrading to the 450mah 95C lipos to see if there is an improvement in flight duration. Since there is an additional 150mah on the next battery, I can guarantee better flight times. I am not sure if this will improve performance, however. Since the 450mah is longer and slightly heavier, tight maneuvering may be affected. If you bought a CineBee or are thinking about it, we both know being able to maneuver in close areas is critical.

Keep in mind, this quad fly’s like a whoop in angle mode, and I wouldn’t recommend this for acro flying at all. With the ducts, the quad has more drag with less space for the props to pull surrounding air. Thus really only for flying slow and cinematic.

This Drone Holds Up Well

First flight, I crashed out at full speed right into a bush then deflected into the grass. The white ducts turn green from the props chopping up the grass even with an immediate motor disarm. Once I checked out the damage, I was surprised as only two ducks cracked, but the CineBee was fully flyable still. After about 20 flights, the same factory (Gemfan) props are still on. iFlight includes two different props with the drone — a set of 40mm tri-blade Gemfans and a set of HQs. iFlight recommends the Gemfans for general flying and the HQs for cinematic footage. I agree with this; the HQs are fragile, you can read that all over Facebook and the forums.

On the other hand, the Gemfans are solid. The video posted above is using the Gemfans, and I only experienced minor jello at high altitude with a significant breeze. Moving forward with testing, I am going to use the HQs for video. However, I’ll be carrying a few sets because they have a reputation to be a one-time use. AKA if you crash, you trash them.

Conclusions for the CineBee 75HD

iFlight designed and produced a fantastic quad for slow and steady cinematic footage. One double-edged sword is the sd slot. They’ve added an extra clip to secure the card but at times the card is hard to remove. In any case, I’d rather struggle to remove the card than have it fly out from trauma during a crash. If you want balls to the wall HD micro brushless, a Mob 7 is what you want. If capturing video in a new way is your goal, I highly recommend the CineBee.