When I purchased the CrystalSky, there was an immediate need for a hard case for the monitor. After doing a little research, I chose the Freewell case. Ultimately, the reason is that of the additional storage for the charger and batteries.

Freewell’s Case Holds a Charger and Two Batteries

Using the CS means carrying around additional accessories just as we do for our drones such as extra props or ND filters. For CrystalSky users, this means mounting brackets for RCs, other batteries, charging equipment and a flathead screwdriver. Freewell did a great job designing the inner shell of this case. There is room for two CS batteries and the charging station. Unfortunately, there is no room for the charger required to use the CS charging station, but there’s room in my other pack, so this isn’t an issue for me personally. I have read reviews where this has been an issue for some users. To me, using the CS comes with more gear anyways, so I was prepared.

crystalsky baltimore aerials 1

One thing I do wish Freewell had accounted for was the amount of space the mounting brackets that screw into the CS take up. I only had to make one modification to the case, and this was the removal of some plastic on the section pictured to the right. After doing this, I can put the CS directly into the case with no issues. Both the DJI CS mount for Phantom/Inspire RCs and the Mavmount fit.

The DJI CrystalSky Case from Freewell is Awesome

After bringing the case on a month’s worth of shoots, I’ve come to like this drone accessory. My score for the product is an 8/10. There are many pros and one con with this case. The only negative criticism I can provide was addressed above with the mounting bracket space. Besides, the only way Freewell could include a space for the charger would be making the case larger. Again, this isn’t a big deal since I put the charger in my backpack.


I’d recommend this case to anyone using the CS monitor. For how much the damn thing costs it would be silly not to keep it safe at all times. Polar Pro offers a hardcover, but this doesn’t enclose the monitor altogether. The cover sits on the screen side of the CS. While this does an excellent job of protecting the CS, this cover does not protect the monitor from a fall.

For more information about this product visit Freewell or contact me here. I hope you enjoy these reviews, feel free to contact me about other products I should review or use. As always, Happy Flying!