What can I say? Wrapgrade Japan has knocked it out of the water once again with their skin offering for DJI’s MP2. I have used Wrapgrade in the past on the MP1, and the wrap has lasted over two years. No rips in the material, still no bubbling and has held up in various emergency flights when there was significant precipitation.

Wrapgrade Japan is the Best Mavic Pro 2 Wrap Available


After ordering the skin, the packaged arrived six days later. I was very impressed with the timeline between ordering and delivery; this wrap did have a serious journey from Japan to Baltimore. Wrapgrade includes tracking information for EMS Japan Post which helps quite a bit if a signature was required (which it was from USPS). To me, Wrapgrade goes above and beyond with their product. In contrast to other vendors which I may spend $1,500 with, Wrapgrade included the tracking info, insurance, and over the top packaging at no extra fee. In the past, I have ordered high-end electronics that do not even have protective bubble wrap or anything inside the box, just the unit.

A lot of droners complain about the high cost of Wrapgrade compared to Decal Girl. I understand the Wrapgrade skin is over double what Decal Girl charges but there is a significant difference in the material used and the coverage as mention earlier. Shipping is about $14, but keep in mind the wrap traveled almost 7,000 miles. The total cost of the wrap was $72 with the standard MP2 kit and two additional battery skins plus shipping.

Price Breakdown:

  • main unit kit $46

  • two additional battery wraps $12

  • shipping $14

Complete Drone Coverage

I am delighted to show everyone the coverage of the skin from Wrapgrade. Except for the gimbal/camera, sensors and motors nearly every other section of the drone is covered. See below for the picture gallery of the wrap going on and the final product.

Wrapgrade Japan Drone Skins are Easy to Install

wrapegrade japan batimore aerials 2

While the process of adding these wraps to our drones is time-consuming and tedious, Wrapgrade has included a fantastic set of visual instructions. All of the parts of the wrap are shown in numerical order with a diagram that illustrates where the skin parts are supposed to be applied. This is something new from them which helps a lot when it is time to install. Previously, Wrapgrade did not include this diagram on the gen 1 MP1 skins. I spent approximately three hours putting the wrap on the MP2. This may seem like a long time, but for those that know me, I am a little OCD when it comes to the stickers fitting the area properly. Two additional batteries were also covered which added to the amount of time for application.


I am delighted with my purchase decision of the MP2 wrap. This is in no way a jab at Decal Girl because I have used them for my MP1. However, I will never switch back. They make great products and are in the US; but I chose Wrapgrade for two reasons. First, the amount of coverage of the skin and second, my experience with the company. With the Decal Girl wrap, I experienced bubbling around the hot areas of the drone such as the battery compartment and underside of the MP1. I am not sure if that was a result of my misapplying the stickers or a lesser quality adhesive. Either way, Wrapgrade has my future business.

For more information about my experience or any general sUAS questions, feel free to contact me through the site or Instagram.