Baltimore Drone Racing

Drone Racing has come to the DMV! DMV Droners is an organization with members who enjoy flying all quads. Some like aerial pictures and video, while others enjoy the FPV lifestyle. Some of the group's members fly both. The DMV Droners FPV club has partnered with MultiGP which allows the drone racing to run professionally with lap-timing software. MultiGP is an American owned business that governs and manages radio-controlled drone racing league with over 22,00 members and 600 chapters worldwide.

Micro Drone Racing

Our MultiGP chapter is specific to micro class race drones which run on 1s or 2s batteries and are no more significant than 90mm in size. Having this chapter is unique because we can fly all year. We don't have to worry about rain or wind at all. Also, since these drones all have guards for the props, we can fly nearly anywhere. Bars, museums, warehouses, etc.!