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BURST Brush Sonic Toothbrush Review | Baltimore Aerials

BURST Brush Sonic Toothbrush Review | Baltimore Aerials

All I can say is WOW! Burst Oral Care’s BURST Brush is fantastic! Even after the first use, my mouth felt fresher, and my smile was brighter. I’ve used this product for nearly a month; I can say this has helped me immensely with my oral care regimen. The BURST Brush has a few features that I believe a lot of people could benefit from such as the quad interval and 2-minute timer, long battery life, and three brushing modes. Overall, this toothbrush is incredible, and I’d recommend one to anyone and specifically travelers.

I’m really getting in there LOL

I’m really getting in there LOL

The BURST Brush is Great for Travel

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I received the brush on a Wednesday afternoon, and we left for Detroit the following morning. I am excited to try any new tech, but something that was going to improve my health at the same time- sign me up! So, after dinner, we got back to the Airbnb, and I gave the brush a go. It took no more then 5 seconds after I started brushing when I realized this thing is doing work! Not to get gross, but the toothpaste went from an alpine white color to a stained light brown color probably due to the coffee I had a few hours earlier and the rum from about a half-hour prior LOL.

Now, when I say great for travel, I mean the BEST! Burst Oral Care designed the brush to last four weeks at the minimum without a charge. Inside the BURST Brush is a 700mAh lithium-ion battery which makes the time between charges possible. This is probably the best feature for an international traveler because of the issues some people face with charging adapters. Using the brush with a standard size toiletry bag is possible, I removed the toothbrush head and stored it separately. However, if you want to incorporate the stand, you’ll need to bring along the charging hub with the connected USB port too. Now we’ve come to my only criticism for the BURST brush, and that deals with the charging hub/stand. This criticism is also a double-edged sword. I do not like the cord being hard-lined into the charging hub/stand because it looks ugly sitting on a shelf in the bathroom. I wish BURST had made this cord plug into the charging hub instead of a hard-line. I started off saying this criticism is two-fold because it is. I want the stand to look clean looking, no cords, no nothing but at what opportunity cost. At the same time, I’d be pissed if I forgot the cable on a trip because it was just an additional thing I needed to remember to pack. So there you have it, my one complaint…it’s not aesthetically pleasing but you won’t forget your charging cord either. I can deal with it. Let’s move on to my favorite features of the BURST Brush.

Features of the BURST Brush

There are many aspects of this sonic toothbrush, which I love because they all have the same goal- a healthier mouth and whiter teeth. This toothbrush incorporates these top six features:

  1. Whitening Charcoal Bristles - Using PBT nylon infused with soft charcoal the BURST brush will remove surface stains making teeth whiter.

  2. Three Brushing Modes - Whitening, sensitive or massage. Personally, I have found my favorite setting to be whitening but the massage setting is also nice for close areas tight to the gum line.

  3. Quad-interval Timer - After 30 seconds goes by the brush vibrates to let you know to move to a different area of your mouth.

  4. Powerful Motor - 33,000 vibrations per minute

  5. 2 Minute Timer - After two minutes of brushing, the BURST brush will automatically turn off.

  6. Brush for a Month - As discussed before, the brush has a 700mAh battery which allows you to use the brush for over four weeks on one charge.

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What Comes in the Box

  • BURST Sonic Toothbrush

  • USB Charger

  • Wall Socket

  • Fresh Replacement Head - for $6 every 90 days BURST will send a replacement head

BURST Brush Conclusions

This sonic toothbrush is a significant upgrade from what I was using before. The OTS sonic toothbrush (single use) will no longer be my future toothbrush. From now on, I’ll be using the BURST Brush exclusively. Despite the incredibly petty criticism I have, this brush gets a 10/10 because there is nothing I can do about the charging cord and it needs to be there. Since starting use, there has been a significant improvement in the shade of my smile. Going from a slightly tinted yellow to now just an off white or so I’m told LOL. Remember: the brush can’t do it all; we must also do our part. For me, this means cutting back on acidic liquids such as coffee and wine to help the brush do its job. I had 20 years of stains on my (adult) teeth, and the BURST Brush has brought my smile BACK!

You’d need to find a reason not to try this sonic toothbrush. BURST includes so many incentives to try the brush, you’ve nothing to lose. Enjoy free delivery, a lifetime warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, clinically backed tech, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and 24/7 customer support. To me, that sounds likes a risk free no brainer. Give the brush a shot, and I promise you’ll be impressed!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the product described above. Thank you for reading my review, I know this isn’t typically drone talk, but this brush can benefit traveling droners as well!

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