I simply couldn’t wait for PolarPro to release their gimbal lock and lens cover for DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro. DJI supplied an extremely sturdy gimbal lock with the Phantom 4 Pro, but the amount of trauma the gimbal took while putting the lock on was extreme in my opinion. To me, the included gimbal lock was nearly identical to the one provided with the standard Phantom 4 just slightly larger to fit the new 20MP camera. One interesting feature I’d like to point out is the indentations on the bottom rubber of the landing gear (P4P). This was added to the Phantom 4 Pro because of the complaints people had while using the gimbal lock on the standard P4. While these areas made it easier for users to line up where the gimbal lock should go, there was still no improvement on the extreme wear and tear DJI’s lock put on the gimbal.

When using ND filters, taking them on and off constantly can be a big PIA. However, one of my favorite attributes is the ability to keep an ND filter on while using the gimbal lock. Having the capacity to keep a filter on makes set up and breakdown time drop 50% (for me). Half the battle sometimes is taking the lens cover off the P4P and then replacing with the appropriate ND filter. Now, because of PolarPro’s gimbal guard I can take the drone out, put the props on, fire up the RC, the AC, and I’m in the air.

Top 3 Reason Why I love PolarPros Gimbal Guard

  1. Easy on and off

  2. Less trauma to the gimbal

  3. Ability to keep PolarPro’s ND filters on while using

I made a short video of PolarPro’s gimbal lock for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro here. Please check out the video, my comments will be easier to understand.

A few things to keep in mind

  1. Make sure you hear or feel a “click” once the lock is completely on

  2. Verify that the square portion of the lock is touching the camera properly

  3. Be sure to check the ND/UV filter is screwed on thoroughly

  4. Confirm there is no debris inside the lens cover

Using PolarPro's Gimbal Guard in the Outdoors

While on a recent road trip we were able to really put this product to the test. During our trip, the drone would sometimes have to endure tough terrain hikes or long and bumpy bike rides. PolarPro’s gimbal guard never came off. However, while we transferred to a different rental car the guard did come loose. This was my mistake for not attaching it properly after our last flying location, I believe. Always double-check the lock is on completely or there will be an issue. When I first bought the lock, I didn’t put the guard on all the way. I didn’t hear or feel that “click” I discussed earlier. After hiking a few miles we took the drone out. Well, the lock did come off and when I powered the drone up the gimbal didn’t move. When opening up DJI Go App, I received a notification “gimbal motor overloaded” and freaked out. I manually manipulated the gimbal motor and then restarted the drone. No worries, the gimbal functioned well after that.

Recommendations for using with DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro

  1. Confirm you are using the lock for the P4P, not the standard P4

  2. View my video for proper use

  3. Make sure you feel or hear the “click”

  4. This is a two-handed job, unlike PolarPro’s lock for the regular P4


Since purchasing this gimbal lock/lens cover, PolarPro came out with another version. This gimbal lock is for "maximum support" but uses the landing gear like DJI's.