Evoke Tactical’s Spec-Ops Bag is perfect for the outdoor adventurer. This bag holds food, drones, extra clothes, 2.5 L of water, has a solar panel for charging electronics and so much more. Personally, this bag some become my new traveling pack for hikes and emergencies.

The Aegis Spec Ops Bag Holds Everything

evoke tactical baltimore aerials 1

Right now, the bag is loaded with a full DJI Mavic Pro, Fly More Combo, and a significant amount of flying accessories. In addition to all the drone stuff, I have a full set of spare clothes, MRE rations, emergency radio scanner, 17” laptop, blanket, supplies to build a fire and makeshift sleeping arrangements. This pack can do it all.

The exterior pockets of the bag are designed in a butterfly type manner where the compartments “butterfly” when opened. See the pic to the left. Each compartment is transparent which allows me to find the material I am looking for quickly. In my case, this would be a new set of props or a full battery. The main compartment opens into a flat clamshell design exposing the twin satchels which are also transparent. Evoke Tactical thought of everything, and all the interior areas are velcro thus allowing me to remove one from the bag and carry it if needed. There are also two areas with zipper compartments that come in handy for tossing in essentials quickly such as a protein bar or extra batteries.

The carrousel below shows how diverse the bag really is. On the left, the clam shell area of the pack I use for an extra set of clothes, food, and a blanket. The other pictures display the bag’s versatility when added to a bug out gear collection.

A Comfortable Drone Bag

Even fully loaded, this bag is comfortable for a long hike (15-20 miles round trip) with its breathability and rugged building materials. Contact points of the pack are perfect for me. I am 5’11”, 205 pounds with an athletic build. The top straps sit on my shoulders firmly while the side straps hug my hips while walking. The bag is made with polycarbonate hardened ceramic making it able to withstand any environment.  

From Evoke Tactical: “Ceramic plates were fused upon ballistic fibers enhancing durability well beyond any other fabric in the market. This unique fabric blend is mil-spec'd and tested to be exponentially stronger than leather but at 1/3 the weight. This offers operators peace of mind as their pack provides complete abrasion control, enhanced cut resistance, elemental resistance, and oil repulsion.”

Solar Tech Drone Backpack

evoke tactical baltimore aerials 2

Have you ever wanted to watch that video you just shot once the drone is back on the ground, but your smartphone just died? Well, that situation is no longer an issue with Evoke Tactical’s Aegis Spec-Ops bag. Included in the pack’s design is a solar panel which puts out a 7.20v voltage and charges an 8000 mAh power bank. One feature I like about the included power bank is the ability to change the output current from 8.4, 9, or 12 volts. This makes a difference when charging electronics as not all chargers will require 12 volts. Always read the brand’s instruction manual for the device you are charging.

Additional specs for the power bank:

  • Inputs 5V

  • Outputs at 5V

  • Capacity is 8000 mAh

  • Only weighs 5.7oz

  • Comes with two USB Ports (1A/2A)

  • DC output is interchangeable as mentioned prior


I couldn’t be happier with this pack — everything I would need to bug out for a few days I can fit into this backpack. I honestly have no criticism of the bag nor do I think Evoke Tactical could’ve packed more value into one backpack. This is indeed an all-in-one system which I am overly excited to keep using in the field.

For more information about my experience or anything related to drones, feel free to contact me here.