Baltimore is filled with heliports and controlled airspace, but don't let that stop you from enjoying our city from above. Always check airspace regulations and NOTAMS before taking off. If you find yourself close to a heliport, give them a call. Let them know what you're doing, where you'll be flying, and at what time and day the flight will take place. Communication is always crucial, notify any heliport, airport, or seaport before flying. 

Now that all the safety jargon is out of the way, let's get into what you came for; the best spots in Baltimore to fly your drone. 

1. The Inner Harbor

While the Inner Harbor is full of tourists, it is an excellent place to fly. Ultimately, the benefit is you'll be predominantly be flying over water. Thus, the risk is minimized. From the Maryland Science Center to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, you'll be able to view our harbor and surrounding areas from the sky. 

2. Federal Hill

This area is beautiful from the air and one of the very first spots we flew back in 2014. While on top of the hill, you can view Pier Five and the Pier Six Pavilion. If you're local to Baltimore, you already know some of the best summer concerts in the city take place at Pier Six Pavillion. While many do not know this, Federal Hill is in controlled airspace. If you're flying under the FAA's 101 regulations, this may not affect you, but if you're operating under a Part 107, you'll need to acquire the necessary paperwork. 

3. Druid Hill Park

As you head south on I-83 into downtown Baltimore (from 83-North), there is a fantastic park called Druid Hill. This area is located directly off of the 28th Street/North Ave exit from interstate 83. With an extensive lake and running routes spread throughout this destination is one for any drone enthusiast. The park consists of 745 acres with a history dated back to 1652. 

4. Fells Point & Canton

With many marinas and maritime magic, Fells Point and Canton are other places a drone operator would love to film. Fells Point is named after an English settler who started a shipbuilding company in Baltimore during 1726. Once known as the areas for the three Bs of Baltimore; bars, brothels and boarding houses. While you're in town be sure to visit Alexanders Tavern, Bond Street Social, or The Point in Fells

5. Graffiti Alley

This place is a graffiti artist's dream. A legal area in Baltimore where artists can display their work without having the possible consequences of breaking the law. Tucked behind The Motor House, this L-shaped alley is a colorful plethora for photography and video. Come often because the art changes frequently!